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The first three designs in my refillable notebook line are ready!

(I tried about a billion variants of font and shape and so forth on the words for this, still only 90% sure it's right. maybe the NASA font is too ... idek.)

Now I just need the laser to stop being sulky, so that I can get a lot more made before NerdFairecon.

I made a bookmark display box on the laser today too, but it isn't pretty so it doesn't get a picture right now.
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I'm definitely feeling some significant improvement. Sometimes people get to stop immobilizing at 4 weeks, so I'm hopeful. We will theoretically see on Tuesday when I should have an appointment and an x-ray, but given snowpocalypse mark 2, I suspect that's going to get rescheduled.  

I am soooo tired of being laid up, and so tired of being snowed in.
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snow in the front yard

Snowpocalypse is pretty if you don’t need to go anywhere. The only sound outside this morning was the birds occasionally knocking snow off a branch.

taking the dog for a walk

The dog was not 100% behind this “walk in the snow” plan at first, but they ended up taking a quite long walk. He came home, filled the house with Wet Dog Smell and still had enough puppy juice to require romping with the children for another 20 minutes. He's completely sacked out now, though.

I have not ventured beyond the front, sheltered, steps since Thursday, and hope that I don't have to until things melt, though that seems unlikely. I am hoping the workshop I signed up for that is tomorrow will be rescheduled, and am not sure that if it does go if I will try and get there or not.

Someday I will get instagram/wordpress to dw crosspost working again, but today is apparently not that day.


Feb. 6th, 2019 07:25 pm
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The Tylenol has not been that helpful, so the doc gave me a scrip for Vicodin. The goal mostly was that Tylenol still leaves me too fuzzy headed from pain to work effectively, and I have shit to do.

I don't think this is going to help really on the work front, as my brain is now an entirely different flavor of fuzzy. Kind of a cross between tipsy and being a goofy 6 year old with a pinch of sleepy. Like, I think I might find fart jokes funny right now, which I normally don't.

No pain, though.

Luckily, the show that I need to do All The Things(tm) for has been rescheduled for March 2 from this Saturday due to the impending 2nd snowpocalypse. (NerdFaireCon) so the only super pressing work is an album revision and a print order. And my much needed supplies arrived in this small interval between snow storms.

I think I should maaaaybe not put too much out there on the internet while my brain is like this.

Stay warm everybody!


Feb. 2nd, 2019 10:24 pm
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This ankle thing is limiting my ability to get stuff done in so many more ways than I would have imagined, and right at the same time that I'm getting clarity on how much I would need to step up production and presentation in order to get my business to a level that would make me feel comfortable in the world.

It is both exhausting and infuriating.

I had an unexpected nap (pain fatigue yay) and had a full on nightmare about not having work to sell at this Saturday's show (which turned into stock disintegrating as I touched it yay)

Technically I have enough stock to fill a table. Just not much that is likely to sell to this audience. Matted prints that haven't seen the light in years may well make an appearance, but I think the congoers will be
heavy on cosplayers and kids.

But sparkly bookmarks are universally appreciated, right?

The puppy continues to be adorable, and also where 40% of my energy is going most days, because toddler needs can't wait, and one sucky show is not going to really be that consequential in the grand scheme of things, but dogs are.

moar data

Jan. 31st, 2019 07:48 pm
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I got one of those "fitness trackers" (like a fitbit, but not expensive) which I plan on completely ignoring the "steps" tracking function of (and will continue to ignore, even when walking is something I am allowed to do) because I at this point do not trust my own estimation of how well I am sleeping, and let's face it, messed up sleep messes up everything. We got one for O as well, for the same reason; her provider is reluctant to throw medication at a problem without being sure it's actually a problem, which I appreciate.

It's kind of nice having a watch again, even though I do have to touch it's tiny screen for the time to be visible. Still faster than waking up my phone. And I turned off the part where it can vibrate to notify you of phone calls and texts because good lord, there is too much stimuli in my environment already.

The fracture is still "stable" which is good, they can't tell yet if it is healing, and the painkillers I was taking (naproxen) I have to stop because apparently there is some indication that NSAIDs can interfere with bone formation. Tylenol does nothing, and narcotics seem like overkill, so I'm just going to roll with oscillating from a 1-4 through the day and try to spend more time with it elevated.

At least if I'm not taking a lot of naproxen, I can have gin.

Iko thanks you for reading, and hopes you find a good stick.


Jan. 31st, 2019 08:45 am
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I can't believe I forgot to post pictures of the puppy. He's majority poodle and a bit of lab. He was the calmest of his litter, and has been a delight.

cut for bandwidth )
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Am 45 now. Woo! The birthday morning was fun -- out to breakfast with a friend, who got me a spiffy Hubble book, but then the rest of the day went much more traditionally meh, but that's always been a thing with my birthdays anyway. There was pie.

Yesterday I went and had my hair professionally colored, so not only do I look a proper muppet again, there aren't any weird missed or blotchy spots like when I do it. I will probably be mostly returning to doing it myself once I'm physically able to do so, because it is understandably much less expensive, but it is so helpful to my sanity for that part of me to look "right" again that stylist prices are worth it.

The first proper refillable notebook/planner/binder cover is now actually alive in the world in a proper wood, and designs for the second (shoot for the moon) and third (pretty moon phases) will come quickly, possibly the fourth (a van gogh quote) but I am of course almost out of wood. Feh. I can do all my design testing on MDF, but that doesn't feel nice to the hand, so nothing I would sell people in general, or in particular on this Saturday/Saturday after next.

I am hoping to offer a filofax variant since that seems popular, but need to get my hands on an examplar of the proper hole spacing. And then would need to source a5 paper so ... maybe that will be an online custom order only thing.

I have acquired an impressive Heavy Duty Adjustable Hole Punch that was over $50 on *sale*, because I want to be able to deliver them with nicer paper that you can pick up at the office supply store.

and we need to figure out how to manage to combination of glowforge and puppy, because that thing is loud, and then we run an industrial fan to really get aaaalll the smoke out and that is LOUD and I am having visions of Vacuum Cleaner Defense League class shenanginans. Or even just freaking out the puppy, and scared puppy is not good, but initial puppy containment area and glowforge are in basically the same space.

The fractured ankle is "stable" sez the x-ray notes, which I guess means I haven't been overdoing it? hopefully.

I need to paint and epoxy about 50 pieces of glass in the next 36 hours, so I should really get off the computer and on to that.
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The kids hung out with me last night and peeled masking paper of that day's cuttings, which was nice on several fronts (I hate pulling off the masking paper, it's fiddly. The kids find it soothing.)

Ankle still sucks. Production is still slower than it needs to be for my upcoming shows -- I need to ship to Farpoint tomorrow, Pancakes and Booze is Saturday (and Tammy will be doing all my setup and teardown, thank goodness), NerdFaireCon is February 8th, and that's the one I need to do MASSIVE amounts of production for. I mean, I'm short on stock for absolutely everything, but that one needs ALL THE THINGS, and 75% of the things in question happen on the Glowforge. Which is really not meant to be a production machine. Whee!

The boot inflicts its own set of bruises, but the actual injuries bruises have faded.

I've got a completed prototype of a ring-style refillable journal/notebook that takes standard half-letter and Franklin Covey paper, and will have the FiloFax version done once I can get my hands on a sample piece of their paper to properly measure the holes. This one is MDF, but all the ones I actually sell will be wood. (MDF is $4/sheet. Laser-prepped wood is $11-$16/sheet. Scroll-saw supplier Baltic birch is cheaper, but I need to figure out what level of sanding and finishing it needs before I sell anything made with it, and that's not happening while I'm not allowed to stand for more than a minute or two.)

I'll probably switch to slightly smaller rings, but this is what I could access when a friend could take me erranding. The inability to go out and find things is possibly the most irritating thing about this (other than the pain, and the boot.) Normally to solve the filofax examplar problem, I'd just stop by the Goodwill after dropping Dan off at school. Now, I have to hope I find a friend who can mail me a sheet or two.

I did mail order a bunch of heavier paper and a heavy duty hole punch. Did you know you can easily pay $80 for a good, non-electronic hole punch? (I didn't. I did spend $40, though.)

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So the x-rays came back, and I didn't just badly sprain my ankle, I fractured the damn thing. (They haven't put the x-ray up on my online medical record, which makes me sad. Or maybe just not yet, since the did put up my MRI images back in the day when I was having my spine scanned regularly.)

It doesn't particularly hurt, which means I can easily overdo it and impeded the thing healing without getting any useful signals from my body that I am doing so.

So I will not be driving by next week like I kind of thought I would be.  And now many things need to be reconsidered.
I am going to be spending so damn much on cab fare.

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boot brace
I am apparently not being a wimp, it is in fact a fairly epic sprain. Which messes up all manner of things, particularly house decluttering, puppyprep, and surviving my next two shows, which is Pancakes and Booze on the 26th and Nerdfaire on February 9th. Probably my April show should be no biggie. The divine [personal profile] javagoth will be helping at Pancakes, but since she has her own booth at NerdFaire, I'l be roping someone else into helping there (or several someones, as setup at 6 am, teardown at 6 pm, is kind of a lot to ask.)

They took an xray as well, but i haven't heard anything yet. (The doc pretty much looked at my foot, touched it in two places and said "yeah, I don't need to hurt you further to know to send you to x-ray.")

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On Sunday, 15 minutes into a much needed cleaning binge (did I mention we're getting a puppy in a few weeks? and we have SO MUCH STUFF in puppy chewable/pee-on-able places that we'd rather not be ruined?) I slipped and twisted my ankle under my full weight plus the heavy bag I was carrying.

I haven't been in this much pain since I was throwing my back out regularly. I'm almost completely laid up, even with painkillers. I can sit up for about 20 minutes at a time. The bathroom is close by, but the kitchen is upstairs, and I am dependent on people paying attention to their texts and bringing me food.

Text messages are not guaranteed to be delivered in a timely fashion at any time. My house is made of concrete. Teenagers ignore their phones unless they are talking to their friends. The teenagers are, in fact, especially pouty today. D is somewhat excused, though, as the walk home in the snow when he's already under the weather sucks, and normally I pick him up from the bus stop. 

This is not good for the puppy prep cleaning, or getting my worked shipped to Arisia in time. I've never taught anyone else how to put things together on cards and such, and my packaging and shipping supplies are in a lot of different places, none of them easily explained, or easy to navigate to on crutches. I am extra regretting that the studio organization project that was supposed to happen over vacation (and of course didn't, why do I forget that vacation for the kids is not vacation for me?) did not.

I've exhausted the supply of Monty Don videos on Netflix.

I have an in-person show on the 26th, as well as a remote show that needs work to be in Baltimore by the 26th. My stock is half what it should be. And I have a show on february 9th which I need to complete a massive amount of work for, primarily on the glowforge, which is upstairs, that has to include a fuckton of full on new, not jewelry, designs.

I could scream. Well, I did scream, but I could scream for non-pain based reasons.

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I just completed my first proper wholesale sale, and now my work will be appearing at the American Astronomical Society's bi-yearly meeting, courtesy of the fine women who run Startorialist. I'm pretty much over the moon, if you'll forgive the quasi-pun.

I figured they would just pick up a few things -- they had mentioned being interested in the coasters and the little triple moon pendants -- but when we sat down, they looked at all of my stock and picked up a bunch of different things, from pretty much every category of stuff that I do.

I had been incredibly nervous all day that they would end up not buying anything, so to have it go so very well is extremely gratifying.

I have to do some unexpected painting tomorrow morning so I have enough of certain things to make a proper shipment to Arisia, and will need to be really steady on production to not be short at my next two shows (Pancakes and Booze on the 26th, NerdFaire on February 9th) but I think it's doable.

In unrelated but happy news, while I was frantically putting stuff together for the wholesale meeting, the rest of the family went and met some puppies, one of which will be coming home to us in about a month! It's taken me quite a while to get on the excited-about-dog train, but I think it's going to be really great for the kids and R to have a snuggly animal who needs lots of walks around. 

hello 2019.

Jan. 1st, 2019 11:45 am
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I've got some hopes for the coming year, but I'm not setting specific goals/resolutions for the year. Instead I'm going to take my goal setting one month at a time - or maybe one fortnight, since that's apparently one of the magic numbers for getting a new habit to stick.

The entirely unflexible goal for January is getting the house ready for the puppy, which I expect will consume a huge amount of energy.

Business plans for the year, sure, but those aren't like resolutions, really, as how customers respond is a huge factor in where the plans should go, they are intrinsically malleable.

That said, in February I will be doing my first no-jewelry show in years (NerdFaire in Lynnwood; other people will have jewelry but I missed the cutoff), and I need to have a LOT of stock made to fill up my booth, and stock that will actually sell, so more coasters, and start getting jars done, and boxes and generally doing a ton of stuff with the laser cutter.
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We are not super holiday-ing this year, we don't most years really, but we did manage to go out for our usual drive to view houses with encrapulated Christmas lights and badly sing Christmas songs, starting with O Lutefisk, on Christmas Eve.

Gift-wise we are becoming progressively more contained; adults pretty much opted out (partially because none of us could think of things we really wanted that were gift-y) and the kids gifts were less splashy, although they seemed very pleased with their art supplies and subscriptions to japanese kawaii+snack themed boxes.

I made the traditional lasagna. In point of fact, my mother's traditional holiday lasagna was an excellent frozen variety from Costco, but I actually make a quite good lasagna, with turkey Italian sausage instead of cow and most importantly, gluten-free noodles. (based on this no-boil lasagna recipe with only minor tweaks.  I don't own bottles of Italian Seasoning and pretty much just throw in a ton of garlic and oregano and basic and maybe pepper and call it good)

O has now been introduced to the ultimate Christmas movie, Die Hard, though D opted out. It really stands up ridiculously well.
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I managed to stop having a heated discussion with a aggressively clueless person on twitter, so I get a gold star.  Pastors with a "the increased suffering of the poor is no biggie" attitude really kind of freak me out.

I'm still twitchy and my cheeks are hot, though. I don't handle this kind of thing well.
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I'm watching a Monty Don series on French gardens and he's at the famous massive potager at Villandry and apparently the vast majority of the vegetables end up in the compost instead of eaten, because they must maintain the proper decorative look.

Harvesting for eating as in the actual purpose of a damn kitchen garden would leave unsightly holes.

I could scream.
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I need to apply (as on wax on, let soak in minimum 20 minutes, wax off) 166 coats of feed'n'wax to coasters by this time tomorrow. For product that will total (not net) $126 when it sells. 1-2 minutes actual work time per coat.
Adding laser cut wood was supposed to mean I'd have *less* labor intensive product with better profit margins.

They are perfectly functional without the wax, but they are just soooo much nicer, as well as better performing, with it.

And I'll be selling them in Georgetown tomorrow, at the Trailer Park Mall's Holiday Bizaare Bazaar.



Nov. 24th, 2018 09:03 pm
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 We were investigating a mysterious tchotchke in the process of cleaning  and upon opening it, it turned out to be full of some nasty perfume that is currently resisting leaving my arm.

This was supposed to be a post about Thanksgiving and/or the first day of GeekCraftExpo, but now my nose is running the show and I've forgotten the rest (hopefully it will come back.)

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