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 I just picked up my car from the mechanic and it drives like it's new again. I guess the clutch had been slowly declining for a long time.

I took the dog for a walk this morning so he would be a little less amped. Eventually - as in after we had been home for 15 minutes -- he got less amped.  Hauling around 20 pounds of jumpy puppy is challenging, but getting less so.  I'm definitely sticking with the ankle brace while doing so for a while, even though I'm not using the brace for much else at this point.  Being able to walk normally again is just really, really exciting.
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We went to SakuraCon today. We pretty much go just to cosplay, shop and costume watch at this point, the kids haven't mostly caught on to the idea of "panels" and such.

The costumes went well:

(I really need to either start carrying a real camera or get a phone with a decent camera.)

And I had Sean take a pic of me, as I was feeling like I actually looked like myself and also kinda good:
at sukuracon wearing lots of black

D got almost all the Kirby stuff he'd been hoping for, except for one thing where he decided he didn't want to give money to people who were also selling things he finds disgusting. D has STRONG OPINIONS about a lot of the hentai/hentai-adjacent stuff - I don't want to say puritanical, because it isn't sexy he objects to, just stuff he thinks is exploitative.  Even if I don't share some of those opinions, I'm hardly going to object to him voting with his dollars, as it were.

Also, this happened:

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I've been using the food network's app to watch old seasons of various comforting shows, and wow, the early seasons of Good Eats were SUPER cheesy, but I am really enjoying them. I wish he still had the informational guests like the Nutritional Anthropologist or the CDC Food Safety guy, and some (but not all) of the side characters, like W the tool master.  Alton can be kind of a jerk, though. 

Chopped is also the most entertaining food show that does not usually make me hungry, it's just a fun watching experts create show, kind of like Project Runway (which is back on Bravo and back to being a show that focuses on designing clothes rather than manufactured reality contestant drama.)

I have watched all the seasons of Great British Bake-Off other than the ones you have to pirate enough for them to be near memorized, so I can no longer turn to them for comfort.
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Today was the day of Dan's sleep deprivation EEG test, which meant that, even though we broke the keeping-him-awake time into shifts, I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, on top of a long accumulation of underslept nights. And went to PT in the morning (I graduated to all standing exercises!)

I feel asleep in my chair while he slept for the EEG.  We get results on Tuesday, though as I have poked around more I think this might have been a ruling-things-out test rather than a diagnosis confirming test, but at least it is forward motion.

Because of this, I will be heading super early at Norweson tomorrow to put up my art show stuff, and then coming home and dropping my car, which has lost the ability to find 2nd gear, off at the mechanic, and then maybe a nap, and then helping finish the kids' costumes for Sakuracon on Saturday.

If you are going to be there, O is going as "Sand Planet" Hatsune Miku (best costume ever, she will wear everything again in regular life but the wig), and D is going as the Prince from Hat in Time. He will be recognizable as himself; when you put a big teal wig on O, though, it gets more challenging to pick her out of a crowd. (There are always at least 3 Mikus wandering around.)

I will be at Norwescon Sunday late afternoon for art show checkout, but am badgeless.
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I've turned simple blocker on so I can't look at twitter on my PC, because it is so easy for me to lose a ton of time and trains of thought checking twitter, and my hands keep hitting the series of keystroke it takes to open a new twitter tab almost by instinct.

Balancing between twitter as a time sink and twitter as where I get to talk to adults I don't live with as a work from home person is tricky, and I think I am currently doing it wrong.
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O is taller than me now. Actually taller, not just taller because of two inches of vertical curls.

So far, D is still shorter, but he is only 13, and puberty is still a ways off. 

I feel old now.

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Our last year of mandatory science fair, as far as I know.

Things are going as normal, which is to say, messing up in new and strange ways, and there is a great deal of poking required to get the child to actually, you know, do the work. (Writing up the work will be worse.)

I had the fairly smart idea of coming up with a project idea centered around trying different ways of replicating D's favorite sugar cookie into a gluten-free form he can actually eat, so he has some enthusiasm.  The dog is very enthusiastic so far as well, which is ... not helpful.  And I didn't realize the cookie in question you really have to use a mixer for, and we hadn't actually tested the base recipe before tonight either, so we are making some adjustments and will start the whole thing over again tomorrow.

If we do come up with a successful recipe, I'll post it here.

We are starting from this GF Lofthouse copycat recipe but have already noticed that we did not get the same result as she did (and we haven't hared off into our planned variations yet.) As written, the resulting cookies are very almond-y (which is great, if you aren't trying to replicate Lofthouse), definitely do not make 36 cookies, and well, ours rose up and got pillowy? Which is also not actually bad, except for the part where that isn't supposed to happen.

We started with the commercial cup-for-cup GF replacements, but will also be doing rice, almond, and millet flour variations. (The millet was supposed to be sorghum, but there were supply issues. I have no idea what millet tastes like, so that will be interesting.)


Apr. 12th, 2019 10:20 am
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An astonishing number of things have already gone wrong this morning, and I desperately want to curl up in bed and drink gin and eat brownies and nap.

And grapefruit. I want to eat ALL the grapefruit. Because they put me back on the med you aren't supposed to combine with grapefruit.

Instead I will drink tea and do dishes and send invoices and photograph products. 

When I pulled from stock to put together my Norwescon art show items, I also pulled a bunch to go online, because I am just so much more pissed at Etsy right now that I really want to populate my artfire shop. Perhaps spite will accomplish what planning has not been sufficiently motivating for.
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The Make Sale was a massive fail; they definitely had not yet built the audience to add a Spring Show. Add in horrible weather, and well, there just weren't very many people. I made back table, gas, and a little bit of materials, which was better than most of the other vendors I talked to but .. no. Not here for losing money, and spending 16 hours in a cold, drafty building to do it. I am exceedingly stiff and sore today as a result.

My next 3 shows are all unknowns, as well, though more likely to be good matches - May the 4th is a brand new thing, Oddmall I've been away from for a few years and has changed location significantly, and SummerCon is a radical expansion of the (very well run) Toy Expo. And then nothing until my fave Pancakes and Booze in September; hopefully I will get into GeekGirlCon and GeekCraftExpo, but I won't know that for a while.

I really need to figure out the online thing.  And the selling to stores thing. And factor the day of recovery for my middle-aged bod into the cost of any new show I am considering.

Apropos of nothing, Spotify threw this at me on an electroswing-inspired playlist and it pleases me:

Now I must organize the baking of 4 different takes on gluten free sugar free cookies, because Science Fair is less onerous when it is tasty.

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I am currently in the state I usually am in after a big show, not in the run up to one. My brain is very fuzzy, and things that should be second-nature by now are taking multiple tries and careful writing of lists.  I do have a cold, and have been short of sleep every day this week, and PT was unexpectedly draining, so that makes sense. And it isn't horrific, just less than ideal. So I'm just not going to take most of my wall art, because that means I won't have to wrestle with gridwall, and the wine charms didn't get done in time AGAIN and neither did the cabinet pulls but oh well.   

I have been repeatedly been not making stock After the Show, but rather Before the Next Show, and that inevitably means not enough gets made.  No one but me (and possibly Tammy) will know that I am under-stocked just by looking at the booth, so it will be fine. But I need to stop doing that only working to imminent deadlines thing.

(In a side note, I have been doing some light image processing so Tammy's awesome new relief prints can quickly make their way up and out into the world of shirts/bags/etc, and today on her redbubble we added the awesome "cat butt xoxo" to the cat yoga we had already put up on her redbubble. It's awesome, and I'm really sad I can't find a way to embed it, particularly in its most glorious usage as a throw pillow)

I think the only way this is going to work is if I go to sleep early (as in now), and assume that in my run for Show Snax(tm) tomorrow morning a couple cans of Monster will reappear, and that Sunday I will be an entirely useless lump of protoplasm. But in the interim, I will be CHIPPER, dammit, and dazzle the gentlefolk of Snohomish County with my fine handcrafted space sparkles and charming muppet demeanor.

And if you want to see me be a charming muppet, and peruse many fine handcrafted goods, friday night and saturday I am at The Make Sale at the fairgrounds in Monroe. [ profile] javagoth will also be there, as well as someone whose nom de craft is Auntie Killjoy, which is either a Mood or a Goal, not sure which.

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I basically sequestered myself most of the weekend and attempted to stay off my ankle, since it hurts like whoa. I am really hoping I didn't somehow throw the fracture out of alignment, but the times/situations it hurts it don't feel muscular. (And tylenol does nothing for me, and NSAIDs are out of the question for another month. Ugh.)

There are 40 blank pieces of glass on my workbench, because I can't actually fit more than that at the moment, but I'm hoping to have 80 finished by Thursday. It's been long enough that I had to go back through pictures and remember what themes I regularly used to do other than starfield with nebula, starfield with planet, and moonsets over water, because I'm not allowed to do many one-offs or experiments until I've got enough literal stock to fill my trays. This next in-person show is a handmade show, rather than a geeky show, so pretty is sufficient and attempts at real astronomy can wait.

Tomorrow I need to ship 2 panels worth to Conglomeration in Kentucky, Friday is the first day of the 2 day "Make Sale" in Monroe where I have a massive booth, and I'll put together my stuff for Norwescon in two weeks from ... whatever is left over or that I can make really fast after that. The warranty replacement for our glowforge has arrived, been named Bob the Vulcan, and will hopefully be non-sulky, which will mean making things rather faster or with less stress than before. I've got a slew of stuff in the "vector is made, but have to test it" phase, though I don't know how much other than finally getting the wine glass charm sets done I will really push on this week. (If ever there was a show where wine charms will sell, it should be this one.)

O found a Hatsune Miku game for the PS4 and so has devoted as much of her weekend to that as possible. And we got the last bits ordered for her cosplay for Sakuracon, which is also Hatsune Miku but in something that looks like regular clothes instead of the dress that is the default.
I quite like it when they play characters where 90% of the costume can be re-worn as regular clothes, and extra like it when it doesn't call for a short skirt, because wow, putting an off-the-rack set of short skirt and top on O's proportions goes badly rather quickly, since she's so long of both leg and torso; short skirts turn into miniskirts and normal tops become midriff tops, and she's not comfortable with that.  And it isn't stuff you can just buy locally because of course my kids gravitated to the more obscure fandoms. I seriously walked around a significant chunk of the dealer room at Emerald City and spotted exactly ONE item representing their favorite fandoms. One total, not one each.  Ugh.

There were these buttered-sweet-potato chips in O's japan treat subscription box, which she hated, and which I need about a case of. It hits almost the same spot as the buttered popcorn jelly bellies did. (I loved them so much. But the CEO of Jelly Belly gives money to support anti-trans legislation, so bye.)  We took reaction shots while she tried all the different snacks in this month's box, which produced a wide variety of funny faces, but I don't have permission to share the pix.

Your moment of dog:

That purple lump in his mouth is a hippo bath toy that would change color if the water was too hot for the baby. I have no idea how it ended up outside in the yard 11 years after we stopped using it in the bath, but Iko loves it to pieces.

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D brought his high school registration forms home and of course, had already selected a bunch of stuff he can't actually take, because he missed some of the instructions.  At least he managed to bring the forms home. His proper IEP meeting is next week, which is going to determine in several cases which classes he actually takes.

I'm having a breakfast bootstrapping problem: tea and toast is insufficient, but for something better I have to actually cook, which I do not have the energy to do. I am also irritated that the actual meaning implied by pulling yourself up by your bootstraps (which is physically impossible) has become a phrase we use to imply that people should be able to launch themselves with nothing but a little energy. Like how "cut him off without a nickel" has is a nonsensical mutatation from the reality that makes sense,  which is similarly, though less intensely, vexing.

I have entered the phase where I need to Make All the Things for my next show(s), especially since I remembered that at The Make Sale I have a full on 10x10. The replacement laser is here, and will hopefully work out of the box, but isn't set up yet, which I really can't help much with given the state of the ankle, but at the same time I don't want to put to much pressure on S while he is dealing with a bunch of his own stuff.

My dog is a silly floof:
goldendoodle with flappy ears
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Had my first PT appointment today, and I'm now allowed to not use the mini-brace when I'm home, or when running short, flattish errands. Water-walking is also not only a go but a recommended, and I got more clarity on what weightlifting stuff I can do. Yoga is still a hell no. I can even start walking the dog for short distances, if he isn't too much of a tugger, which I will have to ask about.

I have a big long blue latex band which I'm to do exercises with 3x a day, but in general I'm apparently doing really well for this soon in the healing process. I've apparently been using my cane "wrong", so the thing I kept doing unconsciously and then having to switch was the right thing to do (putting it in the opposite hand to the injured foot is the correct thing, because of how arms swing.)

So I get to wear my boots again! But I still can't use any painkillers that work, so I'll just pray that my upcoming round of cramps is a mild one. Acetaminophen is useless for me, but naproxen/ibuprofen apparently can inhibit bone healing.

The urge to go do ALL THE EXERCISE is strong.


Mar. 19th, 2019 06:20 am
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I did not remember until 11:45 last night that I made D a doctor's appointment downtown at 7 am. I kind of hate myself right now.
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It's just wrong. I mean, 2023 is a sci fi movie year, not a milestone in my progeny's life year.

Tonight was parent orientation for incoming freshman at our high-school to be. For the younger one.

The art teacher seems cool; I didn't talk to any of the other teachers because I wanted to talk to the counselors and also because stairs. I am allowed regular shoes again (a brace is still involved), but climbing lots of stars, especially after spending the day minion-ing for Tammy at Emerald City Comic Con is a big nope, even with the cane.

There is a (named and organized by students) "Socially Awkward" club. Also a nap club, apparently?

And it has gotten harder to get PE requirements waved, which was trivial in my high school.

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Captain Marvel was sufficiently glow-y and kick-ass. I missed all the trailers, because we had the time wrong.

There was a beautiful (everyone will gif it) takedown of a bad guy which encapsulates pretty much everything the whiny fanboys organizing the boycott hate. 

The cat was awesome. Getting Fury backstory was awesome. Annette Bening continues to be incredibly attractive.

Basically, everything you want from a Marvel flick. Not deep, or groundbreaking cinematically, but that's not what you pay your $9 for. As good as Ragnarok or Black Panther? Nah. But I liked it more than most of the other MCU offerings.
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Last night the kids pizzas got switched, and we didn't realize until 4 bites in, so Dan is home sick and miserable today. Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn't just take the entire damn house gluten-free, but I don't want to *induce* gluten intolerance in any of the rest of us.

Show tomorrow, for which I must *leave* at 6:15, and I'm still trying to figure out where everything I'm taking is and how to arrange it and if I can pull it off without gridwall, which would mean an extra half hour of sleep, which S, who is doing the driving and the bulk of the setup, would certainly appreciate. And *not* being released to be free of the bootbrace means I should somehow accommodate my foot being supported the whole damn time (the thing is *heavy* and having it on my foot while it dangles is painful.) 5x8s are really hard spaces to arrange in that way. Which might mean wearing normal shoes tomorrow instead of it even though the person I bought tall boots from is a *flake* who hasn't even put the damn things in the mail yet. (I should have just bought new ones from a shop that has guaranteed delivery and just oiled the fuck out of them to soften them up faster.)

Someday I will write about something that isn't whining.

I do have pretty new bookmarks to show:

painted glass and wood bookmarks

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I have not been cleared to stop using the damn CAM boot brace thing.
I might get cleared *next* week. Maybe.
but that will mean graduating to an air splint, not to regular shoes.

I plan on wearing the 14 hole docs that should have arrived by then to the appointment, or at least one of them, to suggest that they are an adequate replacement for the damn cam boot.

They said 4-6 weeks of immobilization when they first put this thing on me, I broke it on January 6th, got the brace on the 14th, so it's been 6 weeks of immobilization, damnit. 

ankle injuries suuuuuuuuuck.

This is going to make Saturday rather more challenging.  Especially for Sean, since he's going to be doing all the heavy lifting required in my show setup now, I guess. Under other circumstances I'd just do it without gridwall, but I'm not sure I actually *can* do this without gridwall. with the products I'm taking.

And I made appointments for the kids on the assumption of when I would be able to start driving. (Taking a cab to see our doctor in Roosevelt is no biggie, taking one to downtown at 7 am on a weekday and then *back* during morning rush hour is ... ouch. )


In thanks for reading my whining, have a cute pic of the rapidly growing puppy:

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The first three designs in my refillable notebook line are ready!

(I tried about a billion variants of font and shape and so forth on the words for this, still only 90% sure it's right. maybe the NASA font is too ... idek.)

Now I just need the laser to stop being sulky, so that I can get a lot more made before NerdFairecon.

I made a bookmark display box on the laser today too, but it isn't pretty so it doesn't get a picture right now.
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